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Sasha Banks ditching the colored hair after unconfirmed WWE release

Former WWE Women’s champion and half of the tag team champions Sasha Banks was spotted recently for a shoot for a CBD brand ditching her colored hair and looking great at the same time.


Check out the photos featuring Sasha’s new look post-WWE after the cut.



So according to various sources Banks has been doing promotions and helping out friends in the wrestling business like doing a shoot for former WWE superstar Kalisto in his new business. Two of these photos have been shared online and as you can see, she’s removed her colored hair and is wearing her natural hair color instead.

Sadly there’s still no word about Sasha Banks’ status with the WWE. Few weeks ago, she and her tag team partner Naomi walked out of the WWE taping in protest and dropping their titles along the way. Since then the WWE have been quiet about their status. Many already assumed that they are already released due to their actions but apparently they are still under contract with the WWE. But the good news is that it shouldn’t be long before they reach an understanding and both parties could go their separate ways. Remember this isn’t the first time Banks had issues with the management she took some time away from the company while reaching an understanding with her contact and performance.

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