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Ms Marvel episode 2 review

Here’s my Ms Marvel episode 2 review/thoughts which is now streaming on Disney+.

Before we proceed, let me slap a bit SPOILER ALERT for this review…

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This episode is wildly different from the first one while maintaining a lot of what it established previously. Kamala Khan is now a little more confident at school thanks to her newfound powers. She’s confident enough to correct that gym teacher who keeps on getting her name wrong, stand up to those that usually dismiss her and shes got this great vibe going on. And you can see it in the cast for this scene namely Iman Vellani as Kamala, Matt Lintz as Bruno and Yasmeen Fletcher as Nakia.

The episode slowly starts to unravel the mystery of the bangle, what it actually does to Kamala, why was it given to her by her grandmother and more.

How that all pans out is all over the place though but its still compelling and Marvel just really wants to dangle plot lines here and there.

There’s very little development for Kamala here and we get to see this wake up call for her at the end of the episode. Basically we still don’t see a real big reason why she wants to be a hero other than to emulate Carol Danvers; but the wants and the hows are two different things and Vellani’s take is sounding a little hypocritical.

Ms Marvel episode 2 continues to follow Marvel’s formula of showing as little as possible of the character in costume as possible which may be a bummer for some who watch the series for the superheroics and less for the character.

At least we actually take the time to see her develop her powers via a number of tests

There’s still a lot of fun moments here whether its the references to other films like “Devil Wears Prada” to more quirky fluff with the background.

The teenager in me is also having fun with Kamala’s teenage life with the prospect of romance introduced in this episode.

I liked the subplot for Zoe and how its still unclear how much she knows about Kamala and what her end goal is. We do see her cashing in on the encounter for clout both at school and online much to the dismay of the characters.

On a positive note the episode continues to give viewers a look at the life of Pakistani families and some of the stuff they want to fix or call out on in this case the number of things Nakia and Kamala discuss about the women’s side of the mosque versus the men’s side of things.

And verdict is still out whether the whole point of Nakia running for the board was a good call but it gets brownie points for putting Disney’s new inclusivity in the forefront. Plus it gets a few more extra points because it was a feel good and empowering moment as it is.

I also liked how when she went hero mode she started awkward then good and then ended painfully. Its nice to see this because it definitely helps the hero do better and she what’s at stake when they screw up. Plus this one quickly puts Kamala into the crosshairs of Damage Control.

That ending was also pretty good, talk about “cliffhanger”

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