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Young Sheldon S1E1 Review “Pilot”

Recently caught the pilot episode for Young Sheldon and now I’m doing my Young Sheldon S1E1 review. The show is currently running on Warner TV.

young sheldon

For those unfamiliar, this is a spinoff show from The Big Bang Theory featuring the early life of Doctor Sheldon Cooper. The series hinges sk much on the character but gets it’s spice and seasoning from the very-in-character Jim Parsons.

Young Sheldon though is played to perfection by young Iain Armitage. Zoe Perry plays Shelly’s mom, Lance Barber plays George Cooper Sr., Montana Jordan plays Georgie, Reagan Revord is Sheldon’s twin, Missy.

They round up the crazy family that Sheldon grows up in. Two episodes down and I still haven’t warmed up to them though. But we still have a lot of episodes in the pipeline so there’s still time.

But while there’s no likeable character yet, the pilot already gave me a teary moment. That scene towards the end of Young Sheldon S1E1 where Sheldon finally holds his father’s hand while saying grace. Its got weight man. You feel this young genius trying to reach out to his dad after a heart to heart. Wooooo. Didn’t expect that.

The humor here goes from quippy to joke-y. It’s sometimes hard to settle down on one style. We can all agree though that Sheldon’s twin Missy has the best sass in the series.

Another thing I really liked about Youbng Sheldon S1E1 was how it maintained consistency for the character. Added perks for me is that he’s less annoying than adult Sheldon.

I loved all the 80’s reference in the both the pilot to the second episode. I lit up when they referenced Ducktales.

What I miss here in this series in general? Comic books and popculture references. Now that we don’t have Game of Thrones or Harry Potter to reference, there’s this big void. Hopefully they hit the right notes with those 80s stuff.

Recommendation: I definitely recommend Young Sheldon S1E1 and I guess the succeeding episodes for old fans of The Big Bang Theory and fans of classic TV sitcoms like Malcolm in the Middle and even Dougie Howser MD.

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