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Tower of God Team Produces Rick and Morty 8-Minute Short called Rick and Morty vs Genocider

Anime series Tower of God‘s staff including director Takashi Sano who wrote, directed and did key animation for a special 8-minute Rick and Morty short entitled Rick and Morty vs Genocider.

The short stars Youhei Tadano as Rick and Keisuke Chiba as Morty. The pair reprised their roles from the Japanese dub of the animated series. Other cast members include Manabu Muraji as Jerry, AI Driver, and Hologram Transvestite, and Yuki Minami as Hologram Girl.

Rick and Morty vs Genocider 8-minute short

The short details the Evil Morty’s team capturing Morty and sending him to Japan to connect with Rick Sanchez and get him back before a group terrorist Ricks succeed with their plan of tampering with time and space and they need Rick to complete the plan.

There’s actually a lot of nice moments here which is definitely something Sano borrows from Tower of God’s animation and pacing. Then there’s also standard Rick and Morty humor and dialogue. I do miss the constant burping of Rick Sanchez here, a little nuance here and there.

And in case you’re wondering why its also hype that the Tower of God team were chosen to do an 8-minute short called Rick and Morty vs Genocider, its because the anime series is very promising. Rather than explain, just watch this video from Youtube explaining WHY.

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