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Rose Van Ginkel & Marco Gallo Goes Wild & Sexy in Kitty K7 (July 7)

Say hello to a new online friend who will keep you and every bone in your body awake during the late hours. Meet Kitty K7 on Vivamax, premieres this July 8, 2022

A young woman’s heartbreak causes her to explore things she never thought she’d do. Coming from a painful breakup with her boyfriend of seven years, Hana (Rose Van Ginkel) chooses to mend her heart by meeting other people. Then, here comes Krishna (Marco Gallo), a handsome, well-traveled photographer.

Hana poses for Krishna’s photos, and the young man takes erotic shots of her. The two soon connect on a different level, and the tension between them rises and they eventually sleep together. Krishna records their lovemaking. This shared moments with Krishna change something about Hana, and from being boring and reserved, she becomes wild and liberated. Hana loses contact with Krishna but continues with this new self-discovery and introduces to the internet her alter-ego, the cam girl – Kitty K7.

Watch how Kitty K7 faces criticism and judgment from her family and friends with her questionable life choices and how she wishes for her knight in shining armor Krishna to be beside her at these times.

Kitty K7 stars Vivamax actress Rose Van Ginkel known for her Vivamax Original Movies – Paglaki Ko Gusto Ko Maging Pornstar, Gluta, 69+1 and Boy Bastos. Her leading man, Marco Gallo, has also starred in several Vivamax Original movies like Gluta and Ang Manananggal na Nahahati Ang Puso.


Produced by Antoinette Jadaone and Dan Villegas and directed by young filmmaker Joy Aquino, Kitty K7 is a Vivamax Original Movie that will show how easy it is to break free from our inhibitions and create our own reality through the internet. Kitty K7 premieres on Vivamax this July 8, 2022.

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