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Rabiya Mateo and Jeric Gonzales unfollow each other on IG fueling breakup rumors

Fans are already continuing speculating that the couple Rabiya Mateo and Jeric Gonzales.

According to a number of fans, the couple are no longer following each other on Instagram. Another thing they noticed was that the former beauty queen has also deleted photos of them together. Also part of the deleted photos was the one which went viral where she captions “Instagram Official”.

On the flipside, Gonzales’ Instagram still has a photo of him and Mateo when they attended the Sparkle GMA Artist Center’s contract signing event.

Break na ba?

There are a lot of fans who speculate that the pair have broken up especially after Mateo posted something about “putting up with what she didn’t deserve.” When followers began to ask her about her status, she stated that it was not about her relationship but rather about her life “as a whole”.

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