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Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 1 spoilers – Old Black Panther character resurfaces as a villain

Lets do a run on the recently released Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 1 by Tochi Onyebuchi and art by R.B. Silva where its revealed that a classic Black Panther character has done a heel turn and teamed up with a major Captain America villain.

In this first story arc titled Homeland, we find Cap and the new Falcon, Joaquin Torres, are out stopping a train which they believed some components to create the super soldier serum. They are ambused by highly armed guards and mercenaries…

Only to find some interesting stuff about the attackers namely that all of them are identified in the system having one single name and that they are also transporting illegal immigrants from Mexico to parts unknow as discovered by Torres. After that, Torres and Sam Wilson are able to get some backup from the US government who promises to take care of Falcon’s relatives. Sometime later, Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones gets a visit from none other than the White Wolf…


And in case you’re wondering, this was the same character name that T’Challa referenced Bucky Barnes at that post credit scene for Black Panther:

The MCU version is Bucky but in the comics its this guy only named Hunter, an adopted child of king T’Chakka and one of the many rivals of T’Challa when he took over the throne and the Black Panterh mantle from his father. White Wolf is one of the best fighters in Wakanda and even led the police force in the comics called the Hatut Zeraze.

Depending on the story and the author, White Wolf can be used as a good guy or an ally at least for Wakanda and Black Panther. In some books he’s portrayed as a bad guy. For this new run of Sam Wilson as Captain America, it looks like he’s going to the bad guy. For how long let’s see.


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