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The Internet Reacts to Bald Tom Holland

Trending on social media today is the bald Tom Holland who went on a livestream to show off his new look.

It’s a good look for the Spider-Man actor who was also thrust into the news this week when several sources revealed that he actually went to speak to Disney’s Ike Perlmutter to have him talk to Sony and get a third (and final) Spider-Man movie; after news broke out prior that Spidey won’t be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the time being.

 Check out his new look from his recent video post below:

And check out what the people from Twitter are saying about his new look:

If I could just assume a bit, it felt like many fans of the young actor felt betrayed with the new look, yeah, some were happy but there’s a lot of ladies who didn’t see the look as something they could get behind.

I like that they compared bald Tom Holland with Eminem…

There there guys, the hair will grow back soon.

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