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Nike x Gundam Nike SB Dunk High “Banshee” sneakers

I missed posting this when it was announced but let me do this anyway. Here’s a look at the Nike x Gundam Nike SB Dunk High “Banshee” sneakers!

Nike SB Dunk High “Banshee”

This pair looks so awesome that it takes all the great design elements from Gundam Unicorn’s Banshee and turned it into a shoe. They even made an anime short about it which you can check out below:

IIRC this was announced/released around October 2021 but I totally forgot to blog about this but its never too late.

I dunno, I want to get this and at the same time get the Fila x Sonic the Hedgehog 2 sneakers. I do know that both are cool geek related sneakers and they will probably cost a lot of money but hey, as long as you get to show and wear a piece of your fandom, nothing’s wrong with that right. But seriously, the Nike SB Dunk High Banshee looks like its getting my top spot.

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