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Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan Comments on recent threat on Frankie Pangilinan

TRIGGER WARNING. Frankie Pangilinan’s parents, Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Senator Kiko Pangilinan have commented on the recent trending comment of a certain Sonny Alcos, who threatened the teenager on social media.

So this guy’s comment was copied and was reposted in a Facebook page which garnered a lot of attention. So basically this man stated that if he was younger he’d probably sexually assault the teenager who has been vocal about her opinions on the government and the current administration.

He’s allegedly part of a religious organization as well as you can see in a photo comment shared on the page.

This comment has reached Frankie’s parents and they are definitely NOT happy with this. Here’s what Sharon had to say on her Instagram account.

We even have a special participation of our kween Angel Locsin on IG.

Here’s what Senator Pangilinan had to say about the matter as well…

So there you go. I really hope this guy gets what’s due to him.

What do you guys think?

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