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Moon Knight Funko Pops add Khonshu Funko Pop and Layla Pop

Funko has revealed more figures for the Moon Knight Funko Pop wave featuring Khonshu Funko Pop and a Layla Funko Pop.

Check out a closer look at these two figures which has also been released after the release of Moon Knight episode 3 on Disney+.

Khonshu Funko Pop

Khonshu is the Egyptian Moon God that bestows his power to his avatar called the Fists of Khonshu. The pop version catches the likeness of the moon god whose been influencing Marc Spector and his alter egos throughout the series, even getting involved with one of Marvel’s best freeze frame to date.

Moon Knight Layla Funko Pop

We have a Layla figure thats based on her appearance in the second episode of Moon Knight titled Summon the Suit.

Of course with Moon Knight still having a few more episodes running before the season finale, expect to see more Moon Knight Funko Pop figures crawling out of the wood works soon.

We already have a Moon Knight figure announced followed by Arthur Harrow and Mr. Knight and now this week featuring Khonshu and Layla.

The figures are set to be released August 2022 and now priced at $11.99 for each figure.

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