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Morphenomenal! A Power Rangers review

Another awesome #TeamFanboy flick night was done yesterday courtesy of yours truly! How awesome is it you say? Let’s just describe it with one word: MORPHENOMENAL! That’s right folks! It was the premiere night of the Power Rangers movie!

So what’s different about this movie? A lot! How does it resemble the previous seasons? A lot as well! It’s a true fan service in my opinion; a best of both worlds scenario. New fans are enticed by the strong storyline and the fans who have been following the series since early 90’s relieved their nostalgia within this new adaptation of “Teenagers with Attitude”.

A noticeable change in this movie is how they reinvented the Ranger team itself, starting with Jason. The Jason we knew and loved was a Karate black-belter and more on the helpful, anti-bully high schooler. The Jason we saw, however, is a football player who likes to bend the rules, do his own stuff, bad ass in his own right, while still retaining his sense of justice for bullies. You’ll be surprised how his perception has changed from 1992 to 2017. Next is Billy, still a genius but more on the enthusiastic side. The Billy of the 90’s was actually reluctant to be a Ranger from before, seeing himself as more of a genius lab guy. In this adaptation, he LOVED being a ranger! Zack on the other hand, didn’t change much. Well, sorta. His dancing persona was completely gone, but he retained his craziness from then. Always smiling, he was given a much more serious role this time, of which was actually heart-warming. Kimberly is far from the high school sweetheart we once knew. Rebellious, angsty, her “softness” was more of a reflection on what she has done wrong in the movie. Insert “Mean Girls” description for her. And lastly, the character which caught me off guard, Trini. A lot of changes, that I can say. You gotta see her in action. IMHO, she’s way hotter than Kimberly in this movie! All in all, it’s good version of the 90’s series. I just want to point out the melodrama and crying scenes, not really what you wanna see in a Power Rangers flick. Too much talking, less action. Great move for an origin film but a bit lacking for a Power Ranger flick. Giving it a total of 8.5 out of 10.

That’s about it for the team! Won’t spoil you guys, you just have to watch it yourself! Watch out for nostalgic moments, they are really an unexpected reference from the original! This is TrickyBaymax signing off! Cheerio!

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