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Hasbro adds Marvel Legends Mr. Knight figure to the Infinity Ultron BAF

Hasbro has added a Marvel Legends Mr. Knight figure some time after the release of the second episode of Moon Knight on Disney+.

Marvel legends mr. Knight

There’s nothing much going on with this figure and its hard to tell the articulation on this one. Accessory wise we will be getting an alternate pair of hands and the steel batons we saw in the show which stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant aka Marc Spector.

The figure will also come with Infinity Ultron’s right arm.

This figure joins the much-hyped Infinity Ultron wave which also features Hawkeye characters Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and the aforementioned Ultron from What If? Season 1.

Previously we saw the Moon Knight suit with the cape and boomerangs which we now know is the suit worn and summoned by Marc Spector, the original owner of the body and the one who struck a deal with the moon god Khonsou.

The MCU version of Mr. Knight is the suit that is summoned by the mild-mannered Steven Grant as seen in episode 2. What it does and how strong it is is something we should all stick out to find.

The Marvel Legends Mr. Knight figure is set to get pre-orders starting April 12 on the Hasbro Pulse website.

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