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Moon Knight episode 2 review

Here’s a quick Moon Knight episode 2 review titled “Summon the Suit” which is now streaming on Disney+ starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke. 

The episode focuses on Steven Grant once more after the punchy ending of episode 1. He’s confused and is also in trouble with the museum. He does his own investigation and things get a little more complicated with the appearance of Layla, her connection to Mark.

Things also gets complicated with some new details about Khonsou from Arthur Harrow, the return of the scarab from Moon Knight episode 1 and lots of info dump.

Oscar Isaac is once again giving us a great performance both as Steven and Marc Spector. He exudes this manic energy when he’s Steven almost neurotic then at a drop of a hat turns into this stoic, stone-cold mercenary hidden inside another personality. His eyes are expressive enough that you know which character was doing the driving unlike in the first episode where its mostly through the perspective of Steven which made it fun. I honestly think the showrunners did the right thing in keeping MK, Khonsou, Layla and Marc as vague and mysterious as possible because we are all hooked.

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If the first episode gave us a tease of what Moon Knight can do, this episode gives us a double dose. It’s got twice the action scenes and a ton of gorgeous shots not only of the OG Moon Knight suit but also the Mr. Knight costume.

I was actually expecting to see the Mr. Knight identity around episode 3 or episode 4 but I’m not going to even bitch about that. Again I’m happy with this episode.

There’s also a nice moment here between Steven and Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow that gives us two sides of the conflict. We also get some added sketchy stuff about the seemingly benevolent and very sarcastic Khonsuo, still voiced by F. Murray Abraham.

I also have to agree with the fanboys and fangirls online, Moon Knight episode 2 contains what could be the best freeze frame in the entire Marvel Studios catalogue or even the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its that scene in the storage facility where Steven runs around and ends back to where he started with Khonsou waiting for him. 

Episode 2 also gives fans a look at Harrow’s powers or at least his abilities and what he’s capable of doing both as a cult leader and as an avatar of Ahmet. The effects for this episode range from ho-hum to spectacular

What did you think of Moon Knight episode 2 so far? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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