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Trese NFT artworks revealed

Today let’s take a look at the Trese NFTs that were recently announced with art by Trese co-creator Kajo Baldisimo!

Check out some of the Trese art that have been created for this endeavor. There are a total of 27 of these NFT artworks available online in a bidding style approach.

Here’s a description of the Trese x Cryptopop NFT collectibles from the website:


Kajo Baldisimo, co-creator of popular Netflix-adapted Filipino graphic novel series “TRESE,” teams up with Luis Buenaventura, the Philippines’ first NFT artist, on a new series of NFT collectibles dubbed “Trese x Cryptopop.” Baldisimo and Buenaventura collaborated on three unique motion paintings featuring characters from the Trese universe: Alexandra Trese, the Kambal, and the Tikbalang. The musical soundscape for each piece was created by guitarist and designer Marco Palinar.


And here’s a quick guide on how much Trese related stuff are priced internationally at the moment.

Oh right! I almost forgot about that super expensive The Art of Netflix Trese which was around Php10,000 and available for a limited run and with a limited amount. Oh and while on the subject, check out my Trese series review and catch that anime series which is still streaming on Netflix!

As for me, I’m happy with the Trese Funko pop figure and looking around for a moderately priced “chase” variant.

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