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The Trese artbook costs what?!?

One of the popular topics now in the Trese Facebook community is the gorgeous Trese artbook as well as the very scary price tag.

Check it out after the cut…

The Trese artbook was written by Jay Oliva who also directed the animated series which is has been streaming on Netflix since June 2021.

Take a look at some photos for the artbook which looks really enticing.

Problem here is the book’s pricetag. Apparently the book costs around Php10,000. That’s perfectly fine but its a little bummer that you’re paying for that amount of money for just 75 pages of content.

Hmmm. Hopefully we get more pages for the book. I’m not too keen on that page count so maybe they can push for more pages while retaining the price. That’s really just it. Add more pages and we’re ok.

In the meantime, checkout my Trese review in case you haven’t seen it on Netflix and is mulling over binge watching the series. In fact I think its high time I watch this excellent series based on the title created by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. The Filipino dub of the series was done by Liza Soberano while the English dub was done by “You” star Shay Mitchell.

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Credits to Dean Ignacio who posted the screenshots for the artbook on the official Trese Facebook group.

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