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New dialogue from Genshin Impact version 2.4 adds more proof that Paimon is Unknown God from Celestia

The folks at Mihoyo continues to remind us about the “Paimon is Unknown God” theory which you can see when you finish the main Enkanomiya mission.

This bit that continues to prove that Paimon is the Unknown God or at least somebody from Celestia happens after you defeat Enjou who also happens to be the new villain type, the Pyro Abyss Lecter. In this bit of dialogue Enjou asks the Traveler aka Lumine or Aether whether or not he or she trusts Paimon.

Enjou admits that he likes Traveler and maybe calling Paimon sus is one way to show that he actually likes Traveler as a person despite getting his ass kicked a while earlier. Players will then pick a response on what they think about Paimon particularly whether she’s capable of betraying us in the future.

Regardless of your answer Enjou will split and its never brought up again as of the current version of the game even at the end of the mission.

But if you think about it and read the game text carefully, Paimon’s hanging around with the Traveler is kind of sketchy.

In the earlier parts of this massively popular game we find out that the Traveler just got Paimon on his fishing line and the little floating mascot for the game has become the Traveler’s partner through his or her search for his/her missing twin throughout Teyvat.

Plus, all of the theories you’ll see online point out to the similarity between Paimon’s look and that of the Unknown god who fought the twins at the start of the story of Genshin Impact.


Unknown God

They almost have the same design, the unitard, the star-studded cape, the boots and the white hair.

The second best theory is that Paimon may not be the Unknown God but could be a member of Celestia; that floating palace high up in Teyvat. She could actually be a god that wants to take down the evil Unknown god and she’s helping guide the traveler to gather all the elements to make her a match in that final showdown.

What do you guys think? I think MiHoYo is already dropping clues to the true identity of Paimon. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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