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Hugas Review

Here’s my Hugas review which is now streaming on Vivamax and stars AJ Raval and Sean De Guzman and directed by Roman Perez Jr.

The film also stars Jay Manalo, Joko Diaz, Cara Gonzales, Soliman Cruz, Stephanie Raz, Deberly Bangcor and more.

There’s a big amount of negative comments towards the film, mostly because people online just call this a softcore film disguised as a crime drama. And I just had to watch the film to see what the buzz is all about.

The movie’s pretty much standard Pinoy flare. Its pretty obvious that the film was intended for the more “masa” viewers who are now used to streaming platforms like Vivamax and Netflix. Because of this everything can be either classified as OK to Meh. I mentioned that AJ Raval was starting to show promise with her acting but that clearly wasn’t the case here in Hugas. She plays Liezl, one of the members of the gang who is caught between street politics and her love for one of her workmates Al (played by Sean De Guzman).

There’s just so much softcore sex scenes here and they certainly didn’t just stop with Raval as there are other up-and-coming stars under Viva Film’s roster of sexy actresses that make an appearance here including Cara Gonzales and Stephanie Raz. Both had love scenes and one of them had that ballsy love scene in the bank; one that defies logic and explanation too.

There’s a lot of violence, bad language and a very predictable plot here. This one ranks lower though because while Taya had the same outrageous plot and pacing, they had a good twist at the end and its pretty much a comeuppance film. This one is by-the-numbers and very predictable.

There were still a few scenes I liked including that diner scene featuring Jay Manalo and Joko Diaz having this conversation about Manalo’s impending retirement. The tension was running high in that scene and these two veteran actors showed how much they’ve grown from their past films into actors.


  • If you’re just watching a film for the sex scenes, there’s tons of that.
  • Veteran actors flexing their acting chops


  • There’s just too much damn sex scenes; some of them aren’t even really important for the plot case in point that scene in the vault while robbing a bank
  • We’ve already seen the two leads talking buck naked while taking a break from having copious amounts of sex.
  • I can’t stress enough that the plot was very predictable and cliche
  • nothing exciting happening well except if you want to watch bold stuff

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