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Taya Review – Colorful and Deadly Tour with AJ Raval and Sean De Guzman

Here’s my Taya review which is now out on VivaMax and stars AJ Raval and Sean De Guzman and directed by Roman Perez Jr.


The film stars AJ Raval, Sean De Guzman, Jela Cuenca, Angeli Khang and more and as mentioned earlier, is now streaming on Viva Entertainment’s own streaming platform, VivaMax.

The movie follows Sixto, a graduating college student struggling to finish his thesis and graduate to find work and help his family. He gets roped into this world of online “ending” and gets lucky with his first try. He gets his prize, a girl named Nanette (AJ Raval) and sparks fly between them. Then by the third act it’s just pure chaos and sex.


  • We get good stars here topbilled by Sean De Guzman and AJ Raval. Raval in particular continues to grow with her acting. De Guzman was a recent breakout star in his past movies and this guy will go places with the right movie and or material.
  • Good job on the screenplay and creative team for not pushing for the happy ending for this movie. That would be a total cop out to be honest.
  • I like the way these characters are getting their just deserves.
  • The colors and cinematography was grade A. I’d like to think they spent time designing the lighting for most of the scenes in the movie. Wherever they found that “bahay kubo” with that good of a lighting, they need to share that.


  • The ending was cool and I wouldn’t want them to change it honestly.
  • That was a really good hook with how Sixto ends up where he ends up in all because of his list. I could read into this from a philosophical sense but it’s just entertaining.
  • Angeli Khang had a surprising line here that I just went “oh my”. Look out for that.
  • Much props for the peanut butter scene.
  • Overall the story was OK for me. You could have seen what will happen a mile away but I was more interested in how we get there. Thankfully that was one wild and colorful trip.



  • If you’re squeamish, there may be some scenes that would test your mettle. Be warned, that scene may bother you for a bit.
  • There’s sometimes an identity issues here it sometimes feel like it wants to be a crime drama but then it also wants to do social commentary. The end product is confused.
  • There were still moments that Raval acts like and talks like a socialite or somebody who grew up with some form of luxury, so far from her character who has been written and had exposition about growing up poor and being tricked into working as a prostitute. The disconnect is there.
  • While they follow the rule of Chekov’s gun in terms of exposition and narrative they failed when it came to the real gun in the story. Like what was the gun for when he never uses it in his escape or at the end.
  • While De Guzman was good here, there were times when he’s just phoning it in.
  • After the initial shock of the sex scenes, it kinda gets same old same old. We already crossed 4-rating here guys, we may want to do some More creative stuff. The peanut butter was top notch but that was it?
  • Could have had more scenes with the other girls too because that was what they were marketing or the messaging for the film anyone.

Taya Review – Verdict


Taya was one colorful, wicked ride. It was OK but it could have been more had they opted to strengthen its identity by the third act. Still its an ok movie which would require a bit of suspension of belief. Raval continues to improve especially from her performance in Darryl Yap’s Pag Laki ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar.

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