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My Hero Academia Recap: Star and Stripe vs Tomura Shigaraki

Here’s the abridged version of the Stars and Stripe vs Tomura Shigaraki fight that started with My Hero Academia chapter 331 onwards!

In the opening salvo of the fight, Shigaraki uses a combination of quirks as an opening salvo to his attack.

The United States’ number 1 hero then reveals her quirk to readers and its called “New Order” where she controls the reality of anything in front of her for about 100 meters.  So if she says that there is no air in front of her, then that will actually happen. That’s a very powerful quirk and something that the main villain All for One wants to add to his arsenal. Star and Stripe can also additionally control her target further when she touches the target.

She follows up with a laser cannon blast on the struggling Shigaraki…

Shigaraki regenerates and uses a reflect quirk to return the laser back to SS. SS says that the laser is holdable to get a grip on it and stop it. Holding the laser drops her original order to have no air around Shigaraki. This gives Shigaraki the idea that SS can be beaten because she can only use her quirk on one target at time. This also allows the villain to regenerate from his injuries and leap off his flying Nobu.

SS punches him midair and mentions Shigaraki’s name.

This process activates her quirk and she’s also revealed in her inner monologue that she can only use her quirk in a battle twice. In this case she’s using Strength to be able to punch Tomura really hard. She then uses her quirk to trap Shigaraki.

Unfortunately for Star and Stripe, Shigaraki and All for One had intended this so AFO takes over the body of Shigaraki, nullifying Star and Stripe’s quirk.

Shigaraki shows off his explosive power and they separate. Tomura lands on one of Star’s jets and SS asks her team to call in the situation; warning the US that AFO is no longer a threat to Japan but the rest of the world. She uses her quirk again to turn the air and clouds into a giant version of her and use that avatar to punch down the AFO/Tomura hybrid.

No longer concerned about getting her enemy’s name, she pummels Tomura Shigaraki continuously then asks her team to fire lasers at the villain. The air giant version of SS collects the lasers and uses it as a weapon to stab Shigaraki.

What she actually called for earlier wasn’t back up but rather ICBMs or Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles named “Tiamat” by the United States.

She drops her first New Order rule about lasers being tactile and takes control of the Tiamat ICBMs controlling their direction down towards the incapacitated Tomura Shigaraki.

Unfortunately, that attack wasn’t enough to take out All for One as he used the “decay” quirk to hid at the bottom of the sea just before she hit him with those tactical missiles. When the blast was over, AFO jumps up and settles at one of Star and Stripe’s support ships. Before she could use her quirk to destroy the fighter plan with Shigaraki, he manages close the distance and hold her face.

She counters the attack by using New Order to stop her from decaying.

But it doesn’t work because Shigaraki had already stolen the quirk earlier. But before he can kill Star and Stripe, the USA’s number 1 hero had one last ace up her sleeve. She had used New Order to revolt inside Shigaraki/ All for One with hope of catching the villain off guard while she slowly decays into nothing. The result is Shigaraki’s body explodes

While the New Order quirk goes crazy inside Shigaraki.

And thus ends the life of USA’s number 1 hero, Star and Stripe.

In the closing moments of the Star and Stripe vs Tomura Shigaraki, we also see All for One showing the first sign of weakness with his near perfect status. He can take away powers and give them but he can’t dispose it.

Personally, I would have loved to see more of Star and Stripes but given the way things played out, her death served as a valuable element for the heroes who want to take down the villains and All for One. The injuries Shigaraki also sustained from the fight gave them more time to plan their attack and defense and be able to put up a fight against the villains of Japan.

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