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DC Multiverse Endless Winter Wave official images

McFarlane Toys has released official images for the upcoming DC Multiverse Endless Winter wave of figures which consists of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern John Stewart and Black Adam with a build-a-figure being The Frost King.

In case you missed what Endless Winter was about, its a story where there’s this super powerful frost being called the Frost King that gets revived in the modern time. He got “iced” centuries ago in a combined effort by characters like Black Adam and Wonder Woman’s mom Hippolyta. Now in the modern age, its up to the Justice League to stop the Frost King.

DC Multiverse Endless Winter Batman 

Nothing much going for this figure other than a base and a batarang and Batman figure with a different build but probably the same mold. More photos below:

Endless Winter Wonder Woman

DC Multiverse Endless Winter Black Adam

More photos below:

DC Multiverse Endless Winter Green Lantern

All these figures will be hitting stores April 2022 and will be priced at $25. They are currently on pre-order so if you do want this wave, I suggest you drop a PO right now. Personally, I’m digging the Green Lantern figure here. It’s a little different John Stewart from the solo pack they came out last year but that green sword looks cool; which also reminds me that the gattling gun accessory is one of the last few gun accessories that DC figures under the McFarlane Toys line will have for the foreseeable future.

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