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New Mutants # 25 starts new story called “The Labors of Magik”

As we hit the 25th issue of Marvel’s New Mutants books, one key member will have to deal with the returning Madelyne Pryor as they battle for the right to become the queen of Limbo. That’s right, New Mutants # 25 will deal with the ramifications from the ending of Hellions which saw the return of Cable’s mother Madelyn in a story arc titled The Labors of Magik.

Check out the full regular cover below with art by Leinil Yu.

Issue 25 is set to hit stores April 2022 and will be written by Vita Ayala with art by Rod Reis and will be the New Mutants going under the Destiny of X banner.Thirty years after their encounter in the original Inferno storyline we will be getting another fight between Magik aka Illyana Rasputin and Madelyne Pryor. It looks like Pryor aka the Goblin Queen wants to get back the throne of Limbo but Magik isn’t going to take it standing up.

To commemorate this highly-anticipated storyline and to celebrate the book’s 25th issue, some of the industry’s leading artists have gloriously depicted the two queens of mutantdom in incredible new variant covers! Check them all out now and choose a side when NEW MUTANTS #25 hits stands in April.

You can check out the other covers for New Mutants # 25 in the gallery below:

Why do I have the feeling that this would end badly for Magik. After all she’s been spending more time in Krakoa rather than ruling the demon-infested world of Limbo. Maybe they would be giving the Goblin Queen more stories as she rules Limbo together with her lover Alex Summers aka Havok.

Should be a good read.

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