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Feilong claims part of Mars for Humanity – X-Men # 6 Spoilers

Lots of things to unpack in last week’s X-Men # 6 by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz including the next move that ORCHIS and humanity is doing against the mutants and what happened to Cyclops.

So before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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Recently, the mutants of Krakoa made a big splash when they terraformed Mars in front of everybody on Earth in the pages of Planet Size X-Men # 1. Since then they have shown growth for the planet and has even introduced a new form of currency to be used in the universe.

In the opening of this new X-Men book, we are introduced to the character Feilong who wanted to be the first person to colonize and take the planet Mars for humans but was overtaken by the mutants. He has since rebuilt himself to withstand outer space and get a bit of Mars for himself.

In X-Men # 6 Sunfire is seen waiting for the arrival of Feilong in Arakko space.

When Feilong lands on the moon of Phobos, Sunfire is the first to greet him and talk him down from making a big scene.

While this was happening, two Arakko mutants appear namely Isca the Unbeaten and Vornak. Vornak proceeds to attack the two by swinging his axe.

Sunfire then uses his powers to stop his compatriot from further making a mess. Of course Vornak ignores Sunfire and continues to attack Feilong. And before he can go any further, the enhanced human uses his powers to kill Vornak…

Feilong leaves just the arms and legs of the rabid mutant and returns to his ship. This leaves Sunfire stunned and unable to do anything. In a later page, we find out that the Quiet Council has tried different ways to stop the humans from colonizing Phobos even sending Nightcrawler which ultimately left the teleporting mutant dead. Feilong finds Nightcrawler’s corpse and turns it into an ornament for his base.

Honestly, it felt weak. Like they already established dominance in the red planet so why not just show more force while it was just Feilong up in Phobos? Kinda weak but lets see how Gerry Duggan and his team are going with this story. So what do you think of these X-Men # 6 spoilers post? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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