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Avengers Forever # 1 Spoilers – Meet Tony Stark as the Ant-Man and his Earth- 818 Avengers team

Here’s a look at Avengers forever # 1 Spoilers featuring Tony Stark as the Ant-Man. The book is now out from Marvel and is written by Jason Aaron with art by Aaron Kuder.

Spoilers for Avengers Forever # 1 by Jason Aaron

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In this book, the world turned to hell as early as the 10,000,000 BC when somebody killed the Avengers 10,000,000 BC leaving Odin dead but not before casting a spell on mjolnir. Centuries later, archeologist Tony Stark of this Earth discovers a cave where Odin and Mjolnir have fallen. Tony Stark is able to take the miniaturized mjolnir to his secret base of operation (after being able to life the hammer too) where we end up seeing his team of heroes and their new mission.

Tony Stark as Ant-Man already knows that there was something terrible that had happened to the world years ago which caused the millenia-long reign of the villain known as the Black Skull; as we know from Avengers # 50, the Black Skull is a member of Doctor Doom’s new Multiversal Masters of Evil which already showed what they are capable of doing in past books prior to the release of Avengers Forever # 1.

This version of the Avengers features a badly damaged Vision, a red glowing Thing aka Ben Grimm, a very buff and beastly looking Wonder Man and a mysterious woman holding a sword which could be the Ebony Blade) and sporting a moon themed costume. I’m piqued on who these guys are and I also want to see more good stuff featuring the current Ghost Rider aka Robbie Reyes.

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