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Armi Millare quits UDD formerly Up Dharma Down

Armi Millare quits UDD and made her announcement via her personal Facebook account; ending her relationship with the band she was part of since 2004!

Here are screenshots of what she posted online about her departure from the band.


Millare has stated in her post that she will continue to pursue music however, she will be doing a solo career rather than work with a band.

She started the band formerly known as Up Dharma Down back in 2004 and has released a total of four albums namely:

  • Fragmented
  • Bipolar
  • Capacities
  • U D D

They have also received numerous citations and awards since they burst into the music scene all those years ago including the “In The Raw Award” t the NU 107 Rock Awards. Millare herself also won Best New Female Award in 2006.

I remember their recent work was a collaboration with Netflix for Trese titled Paagi.

Some of their other hits include “Oo”

Here’s to hoping we get to hear more stuff from her and from UDD as well. I’m more incline to wait and see who the band will introduce as a replacement for Armi. Best of luck to both parties!

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