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Pornstar 2 Pangalawang Putok Review – Rosanna Roces, Maui Taylor, Ara Mina, Alma Moreno

Here’s my Pornstar 2 Pangalawang Putok review which is directed by Darryl Yap and stars Rosanna Roces, Maui Taylor, Ara Mina, Alma Moreno and more.

The sequel has big shoes to fill with that buzz that the first movie generated and the question that’s been running in my mind is whether or not it will suffer from the “sequel sickness”. I’ll get back to you on that front.

For the sequel sees the foursome of former sexy stars, restarting their failed “next pornstars” event and ditching the ranch from the first movie and investing in a new private villa where they also set their talent search. Joining them is Lara Morena and four of Viva Film’s newest sexy stars namely Ayanna Misola, Cara Gonzales, Stephanie Raz, and Sab Aggabao.

The Filipiniana concept was nice but it will wear away its welcome eventually. Sometimes its become so “pilit” whether its the visuals, the script and everything in between. But yeah, it kind of gets boring around the 30 minutes mark.

The proven concept here is the combination of Alma Moreno and Rosanna Roces throwing lines and doing adlibs. Super hilarious when these two take the spotlight.

The sequel felt like a hybrid of those sexy, R-rated VCD titles that Viva used to churn out in the early 2000s with various scenes featuring their new starlets interspersed with the winning formula from the last movie with the “icons” adlibbing and just having fun. Whether that’s good or bad that’s up to you.

It made me also ask why they did this movie in the first place. Was this purely a launching vehicle for the new stars or did Darryl Yap have more things to say about the industry and the lives of the former bold stars?

Watching it to end, he did have something more to say. It was a nice gesture too to give these veteran actresses a platform to say things they wanted to say. Alma even talks about that time she went on TV where she got rattled and everything went FUBAR.


Final Verdict – 7/10

The film has its moment but its not going to beat the first movie. Most of the time it tries to be smart and funny and be informative. It does have information and important data but its really not hitting the stride for what the first movie did. It felt like I was really watching a full episode of a sexed-up Matanglawin with four icons of film hosting it and reading bits.

Alma Moreno continues to shine in the film and I’m seeing improvements for Ara Mina in terms of her lines. As always Osang and Alma take the cake.

Mixed bag with a mash of sex trivia, Filipiniana concept, humor and lots of nudity.

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