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Netflix cancels Cowboy Bebop series

Sad news for fans who enjoyed the sci-fi series as news has broken out that Netflix cancels Cowboy Bebop series which starred John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniella Pineda.

The series premiered November 19 with ten episodes attached to it. According to reports the series got around 74 million viewing hours initially but dropped down to around 59 percent viewership around November 29 to December 5.

Things also weren’t looking good from a user perspective with critics score on Rottentomatoes.com being 46%.

Reports are coming in that Netflix has a stringent way of renewing series they produce. There’s a 60% chance for series that have two or more seasons to be renewed by the streaming platform. They are also balancing the show’s cost versus the viewership, which means that even if the show is good but it didn’t get enough views, it could be enough reason for Netflix to cancel the show or not renew it anymore.

The live-action Cowboy Bebop show is based on the 1998 anime series which Netflix also brought in with the original voice cast.

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