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Marvel starts teasing a new Asian Iron Fist with writer Alyssa Wong and artist Michael YG

After posting a teaser about Danny Rand being Iron Fist no more, Marvel has begun teasing a new person to hold the Iron Fist mantle and a new limited series starring an Asian Iron Fist.

Check out more details about this new asian Iron Fist that’s not Danny Rand after the cut.

First let’s look at the official image for this new limited series which will be written by Alyssa Wong and art by Michael YG.

Before the release of the official image, Marvel also let out a teaser with the redacted image of the new unknown Iron Fist with the question “Who is the new Iron Fist”?

Here’s what Marvel had to say about the new Iron Fist:

The five-issue limited series will see the legendary mantle of Iron Fist passed on to a new hero in a revolutionary transformation of one of Marvel’s most fascinating mystical mythologies. Fans can expect an epic hero’s journey in true Marvel fashion as this mysterious character unlocks long-hidden secrets behind the history of his ancient powers and confronts a threat that only he has the ability to defeat!

After giving up his power to save the world earlier this year in IRON FIST: HEART OF THE DRAGON, Danny Rand believes he’s seen the last of the Iron Fist. But when demons begin to attack cities around the world, a new hero appears, hands blazing with the Chi of Shou-Lao the Undying! Who is this new Iron Fist? And does his power really come from the Dragon of K’un-Lun… Or from something far more sinister? Fans will have to wait until the first issue to discover his identity but they can see him now on the stunning cover for IRON FIST #1 showcasing a brand-new costume design by superstar artist Jim Cheung!

Here’s what Wong had to say this upcoming series: “It’s an incredible honor to introduce a new Iron Fist to the Marvel Universe. I’m excited to delve into the comic’s rich mythos and build on it. What does it mean for someone to take up the mantle of the Iron Fist right now, today? As a newcomer, how does one interact with legacy, and how does one honor it while forging a new path?

“I’m so stoked to work with artist Michael YG, colorist Jay Ramos, and the rest of the incredible team on this book. And writing this character, who views things through fresh eyes, feels very special to me.”

“Working for Marvel is a dream come true, yet it was beyond any dream to be trusted to carry the legacy of Iron Fist,” Michael YG says. “It is such an exciting new direction, I can’t wait for you to read all about it because I’m giving nothing less than my best efforts!”

“The first issue is a dynamic, action-packed, eerie and…if I do say, charming comic,” Editor Mark Paniccia promises. “You’ll get the origin of this new Iron Fist but there are many cool mysteries that’ll unravel over the course of the series. Things even the most ardent Marvel fan would never expect!”

Witness the rise of a new Marvel legend when IRON FIST #1 hits stands on February 16!

Written by ALYSSA WONG

Prior to that we got a teaser that reminds fans of Iron Fist that Danny Rand isn’t the Iron Fist anymore…

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