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Marvel teases Danny Rand is Iron Fist No More for February 2022

Marvel is putting Iron Fist through the ringer by February 2022 with this new Iron Fist no more teaser they recently put out!

Check out the full teser image fter the cut.

The image is obviously a homage to the classic “Spider-Man No More” from Amazing Spider-Man years ago which was this…

Amazing Spider-Man # 50

But what could make Danny Rand walk away from being Iron Fist?

Apparently its the fact that he sacrificed that particular skill to fight and stop a threat in the pages of Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon. He and his young protege Pei gave most of their powers to Okoye, yes from the Black Panther books, to save the day.

So since the events of that book, Danny’s been running around without the Iron Fist and this maybe the reason why the teaser’s called “Iron Fist No More”. But then again, there could be hope for Danny to becoming the Iron Fist because Pei’s pet dragon dragon is currently being reborn into Gork the Undying, replacing Shao-Lao the Undying; the dragon that Iron Fist bearers need to defeat in order to get the power.


Marvel really needs to stop making Iron Fist’s central problem being the Iron Fist power getting stolen. They already did this in Moon Knight centric story in Jason Aaron’s ongoing Avengers book where Moon Knight beats Iron Fist and stole his powers. They really need to find something good to do with this guy.

This should be good. And also hopefully we eventually see Matt Fraction return to Iron Fist but that’s a bit of a stretch. Still one can wish.

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