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The Kingpin makes his move against Daredevil in Devil’s Reign trailer

Marvel sheds more light into the upcoming Daredevil event book titled Devil’s Reign with a cool Devil’s Reign trailer featuring Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and more!

Check out the Devils Reign trailer after the jump!

Here’s what writer Chip Zdarsky had to say about the story:

“He’s trying to sway the public using cherry-picked examples of various incidents, Matt’s recent troubles being one of them. He’s a politician and he’s actually pretty good at it, which is a problem for our heroes. But, beyond that, he has some aces up his sleeves that are definitely not about politics. What makes Fisk an elevated threat is his mind, not his fists. That’s always been the case. Sure, Thor could turn him into paste, but Fisk knows that and has planned for it. And Marvel super heroes aren’t about to overthrow democracy.”

Here’s what Marvel had to say about the crossover event:

  • Launching in December, “Devil’s Reign” will be a classic-style Marvel Comics crossover event, tying into some of your favorite ongoing titles and ushering in exciting new series.
  • The far-reaching saga will center around Kingpin as he broadens his lofty goals in a scheme that will unleash dark secrets about some of Marvel’s greatest heroes.
  • Having kept these shocking truths to himself for ages, Kingpin is ready to ruthlessly expose his foes to gain more power than ever before and he has more than enough dirt on the Marvel Universe to come out on top.
  • Wilson Fisk went from Kingpin to mayor of the biggest city in America and is going to bring his full criminal and political power to bear on the super heroes who call NYC home.
  • The man who once destroyed Daredevil has set his sights on The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and more.
  • Crossbones! Taskmaster! Typhoid Mary! Shocker! Whiplash! Rhino! Kraven! Fisk has an army of super villains at his command – and this is just his opening salvo. For years, Fisk has waited for his time to strike, and you won’t believe the aces he’s got up his sleeves!
  • Be there in December when Kingpin declares war in “Devil’s Reign #1.” Stay tuned for more information including exciting tie-in announcements, cover reveals, and more.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, this is how Elektra became Daredevil in the current run of the comics, which I thought was a really nice twist to the current story.

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