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How Doctor Strange Died – Death of Doctor Strange # 1 Spoilers

These days, Marvel is just having fun with the mortality of one Stephen Strange aka Doctor Strange whether its in the TV series What If and even in the main comic books like this month’s miniseries The Death of Doctor Strange. So in Death of Doctor Strange # 1, we find out how Doctor Strange died in this story.

In the book’s ending written by Jed MacKay and art by Lee Garbett, we find Doctor Strange relaxing from a crazy day in the Sanctum Sanctorum when he gets a knock on the door.

This mysterious stranger says that this would be Strange’s last day and casts a spell in front of Strange. The surprise attack was so effective that Strange never got the chance to defend himself from the mystery man.

With Strange all shackled up, his attacker pulls out a knife and Strange says that whatever his plan is, it won’t work well. The actual murder isn’t seen in the pages but the effects of Strange’s death is felt instantaneously with different Marvel characters noticing this disruption.

Wong is distraught when he finds Strange murdered inside his own home with the murderer long gone. This setup is pretty good although it follows standard tropes and formula. I did like what Strange was doing for this day and it even touches on Dormammu’s activities in space which the Guardians of the Galaxy are trying to stop.

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