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Vivamax Upcoming Movies and Concerts for Last Quarter of 2021

In only nine months of operations, Viva’s VIVAMAX has already reached one million subscribers, a milestone that makes it the Philippines’ fastest-growing streaming platform. Check out the Vivamax Upcoming Movies and concerts for the last quarter of 2021!

Vivamax started its streaming service in the Philippines before quickly venturing to the Middle East, and Europre. Shortly followed in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Starting October, Vivamax becomes available in the following territories: Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Macau, Vietnam, Maldives, Australia, and New Zealand. Vivamax’s global footprint expands in December as it enters the following territories: USA, Northern Marianas Island-Saipan, Guam, Hawaii, and Canada. This brings Vivamax’s global reach to 71 territories since going live.

The phenomenal growth is made possible by Viva’s commitment to aggressively build Vivamax’s content lineup despite the challenges presented by the pandemic. With new original movies premiering every week, coupled with the biggest library of both local and Korean movies, and a formidable lineup of Hollywood blockbusters, Vivamax has succeeded in bringing the cinema experience within everyone’s reach via their smartphones and through TV casting.

Proof of this commitment is Vivamax’s impressive lineup of new movie releases for Q4 2021, featuring the biggest and hottest stars, covering the widest range of genres, and catering to the tastes of every Pinoy. They are truly delivering their brand promise: Atin ‘To!

Here are the new movie releases for Q4 2021:

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Cast: Aubrey Caraan, Marco Gallo, Chad Kinis, Lassy Marquez, MC Muah, Gina Pareño, Teresa Loyzaga
Director: Darryl Yap
Release date: October 1 (Now Streaming)

Starring Viva’s newest loveteam Aubrey Caraan and Marco Gallo, Direk Darryl Yap presents this romantic comedy that defies the rules of love.

Genre: Comedy, Sexy
Cast: Andrew E., AJ Raval, Sunshine Guimary, Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Wilbert Ross, Ali Khatibi
Director: Al Tantay
Release date: October 8 (Now Streaming)

The hit TikTok trend is now a movie! Ultimate Pakboy Andrew E. teams up with AJ Raval and Sunshine Guimary in a classic comedy of errors.

Genre: Drama
Cast: Sharon Cuneta, Niño Muhlach, Moi Marcampo
Director: Mes de Guzman
Release date: October 15

Megastar Sharon Cuneta plays Cora, a lonely alcoholic woman whose family is broken, and so she searches for “the family that doesn’t weep” whose legend says they can bring back lost loved ones.

Genre: Sexy Comedy, Thriller
Cast: Lassy Marquez, Kit Thompson, Ariella Arida
Director: Darryl Yap
Release date: October 15

A movie about the dire consequences of catfishing, or taking another person’s identity in the age of social media. It starts out funny and turns deadly!

Genre:Thriller, Sexy
Cast: Cindy Miranda, Diego Loyzaga, Sunshine Guimary, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Marco Gomez, Rafa Siguion-Reyna
Director: Roman Perez, Jr.
Release date: October 22

From the director of Adan, Taya, and The Housemaid comes a heart-pounding sexy thriller about giving out too much information. A vlogger couple doing a house tour video invites the very wrong kind of people, and mayhem ensues.

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Cast: Kim Molina, Candy Pangilinan, Jerald Napoles
Director: Miko LiveloRelease date: October 29

Produced by master filmmaker Erik Matti and starring the laugh-out-loud trio Candy Pangilinan, Jerald Napoles, and Kim Molina. When a zombie outbreak happens, two housemaids and one driver will need to survive their longest night ever as they get trapped inside the mansion.

Genre: Concert
Cast: Adie, Arthur Nery, Rob Deniel, Unique
Director: Paul Basinillo
Release date: October 29

The much-awaited concert of today’s hottest new artists Adie, Arthur Nery, Rob Deniel and Unique. Directed by the award-winning concert director of Sarah Geronimo’s Tala: The Film Concert, Paul Basinillo.


Genre: Comedy
Cast: Joel Torre, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jeric Raval, Baron Geisler,
Director: Darryl Yap
Release date: November 5

Darryl Yap transforms seasoned actors Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jeric Raval, Baron Geisler, and Joel Torre into tough gays in this comedy movie. Three gay gangsters mourn the death of their gay guardian, but ended up celebrating his bright and colorful life.


Genre: Sexy thriller
Cast: Angeli Khang, Sean De Guzman, Jay Manalo, Mickey Ferriols, Arnell Ignacio, Liz Alindogan, Jamilla Obispo
Director: Lawrence Fajardo
Release date: November 12

From the director of Nerisa comes a sexy thriller starring VMX Crush Angeli Khang in her first lead role. Alexa witnesses a simple mahjong night turn bloody when all the players’ dark secrets are discovered, including her illicit affair with her stepfather.


Genre: Romance, Drama
Cast: Yassi Pressman, JC Santos, Diego Loyzaga, Ariella Arida
Director: Nuel Naval
Release date: November 19

An adaptation of the blockbuster Korean tear-jerker directed by Nuel Naval (Miracle in Cell No. 7). K (JC Santos) and Cream (Yassi Pressman) believe they’re soulmates. When K finds out he’s dying, he thinks setting her free would be best for her.

Genre: Comedy Concert
Cast: Beks Battalion
Director: Ryan Evangelista
Release date: November 19

The wildly popular YT sensation Beks Battalion—Chad Kinis, MC Muah, and Lassy Marquez—takes the comedy bar experience to the streaming platform. It’s gonna be a riot!

Genre: Drama, Romance

Cast: Kylie Verzosa, Marco Gumabao, Cindy Miranda

Director: Mac Alejandre

Release date: November 26

How complicated can love be? How about when a woman leaves her husband for her lover only for the former husband to come back to her as a lover? It’s that complicated.


Genre: Comedy, Sexy

Cast: Alma Moreno, Rosanna Roces, Ara Mina, Maui Taylor, Cara Gonzales, Sab Aggabao, Ayanna Misola, Stephanie Raz

Director: Darryl Yap

Release date: December 3

The quest of the has-been sexy actresses to build up the next generation of sex kittens continues in the sequel of the breakout film that made Darryl Yap the most prolific director on Vivamax!

Genre: Romance, Drama

Cast: Diego Loyzaga, Barbie Imperial

Director: Fifth Solomon

Release date: December 10

A couple decides a road trip might be able to heal their toxic relationship, but life often takes a different turn..

Genre: Sexy Drama
Cast: AJ Raval, Wilbert Ross
Director: GB Sampedro 

Release date: December 10

AJ Raval stars in a revealing character role about a popular influencer who struggles to find true love in the confusing dynamics of social media celebrity.

Genre: Comedy

Cast: Andrew E., Dennis Padilla, Janno Gibbs, Bayani Agbayani

Director: Al Tantay

Release date: December 17

It’s official: Andrew E, Dennis Padilla, and Janno Gibbs have cemented their status as comedy kings! In the second installment to their 2019 hit laugh-a-minute hit, the Three Wily Men is joined by a fourth clown: Bayani Agbayani. We’re gonna ROTFL on this one!


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Rose Van Ginkel

Release Date: December 17

After the success she had with Janno Gibbs and Maui Taylor for “69+1”, Rose Van Ginkel bares it all in this new erotic drama movie. Are you ready to be captivated by Eva?


Genre: Comedy Horror

Cast: Toni Gonzaga, Alex Gonzaga

Director: Fifth Solomon

Release date: December 24

Gina (Toni Gonzaga) and Dani (Alex Gonzaga) are sisters with a strained relationship. Their bond will be tested when one of them is possessed by a vivacious spirit!


Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Cast: Janno Gibbs, Jerald Napoles Mikoy Morales, Manilyn Reynes, Bing Loyzaga

Director: Rayn Brizuela

Release date: December 31

Janno Gibbs and Jerald Napoles team up in this movie about a superhero na pwede mong arkilahin! Parokya ni Edgar’s hit song is now a movie!

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