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What If Funko Pop Wave 3 announced featuring Gamora, Infinity Killmonger, Infinity Ultron, Frost Giant Loki and more

Here’s a look at the upcoming What If Funko Pop wave 3 which was recently announced and coming January 2022 with SRP $10.99.

It makes sense that these characters were considered spoilers before the airing of the last few episodes of the Marvel Studios series now available for screening on Disney+.

Captain Carter Stealth Suit

Infinity Ultron

Infinity Killmonger

Frost Giant Loki

What If Gamora Blade of Thanos Pop!

So that’s what she’s officially called and not Thanora although Thanora is a lot cooler sounding woudn’t you agree?

This is definitely worth getting. I’m also waiting for an announcement for a super size Funko pop figure. Hopefully a bigger version of Uatu the Watcher. This also rounds up the original members of the so-called “Guardians of the Multiverse” who fought against Infinity Ultron in episode 9 of What If…?

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