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My Hero Academia chapter 328 reveals USA’s number one hero – Stars and Stripes

This week’s chapter of My Hero Academia chapter, My Hero Academia chapter 328, ends with the reveal of the United States of America’s number one hero Stars and Stripes.

This chapter goes through a number of story beats but it ends with the involvement of the United States and the introduction of the USA’s Number one hero, Stars and Stripes!

So let’s unpack stuff here.

First, All Might has a disciple and that happens to America’s number one hero.

Secondly, she’s piggybacking on B-21 bomber or a ship that looks similar to it and is totally chill.

And she’s definitely coming to Japan to help in the effort and hopefully stop the villains.

This is quite a surprise because All Might never did mention that he had trained America’s No. 1 hero and that he had called her up and asked for help during the “Dark Deku” segment of the manga. Maybe this was done off-panel and definitely made to surprise the fans and long-time readers.

Who is she? What are her powers? Was she the reason All Might names his attacks after the various states of the United States? Or was it the other way around? I’m definitely sticking around to see what happens next and what her quirks are.

Or even see this fight between Deku and Stars and Stripes.

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