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Official IT Merch Pennywise Umbrella Bleeds Blood when exposed to liquids

Havent seen a really cool official merch for the new It movie aside from the Pennywise Funko pops that were released since two years ago. Until today. We present the Pennywise umbrella that bleeds red when exposed to water and other liquids.

This umbrella has material that reacts when exposed to liquids. So the moment rain drops hit the umbrella, you can be sure thst the bleeding starts and Pennywise will be showing his true form for you, no matter how old you are.

Check out the other official images for this IT inspired umbrella below…

And the cool thing about this umbrella is the fact that it has a neat container too, just as sinister looking as the actual product. Still based on the look provided by Bill Skaarsgard from the two “It” movies.

You can buy the Pennywise umbrella Merch from Merchoid.

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