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The Bride of Doom – Johnny Storm slept with Doctor Doom’s future bride and paid big time for it

The current run on Fantastic Four was pretty standard but it did have its moments. And by moments we mean it got to mature topics while connecting it with some comic book flair. Case in point the recent The Bride of Doom story arc involving Human Torch aka Johnny Storm.


So there will be spoilers for this post so spoiler alert…

This whole thing in the Bride of Doom story arc starts with Johnny and his soul mate Sky attending a museum event for Latveria together with Ben Grimm’s family. This group called the Ultimatum crashes the party and Johnny has to fight them off while in an awkward situation with his ex-wife Lyja and his new wife Sky and a very angry Victorious.

Both Lyja and Sky leave with Johnny pushing Lyja away and Sky because of frustration and jealousy. The scene then cuts with what appears to be the next day with Sky and Johnny waking up. Only Sky woke up by herself and Johnny ends up sleeping with Victorious. He’s unlucky enough to listen in on Doctor Doom’s proposal to Victorious.

Then there’s a number of short stuff that happens throughout the story including Doctor Doom dueling with Reed, winning and forcing him to become the best man for the wedding.

Then the Fantastic Four travel to Latveria a day before the wedding. Johnny sneaks around trying to get in touch with Victorious. When he tries to talk to her a Doombot almost beats him to a bloody pulp, only to be saved by the last minute by Victorious herself.

During the wedding and before saying “I Do”, Victorious admits that something happened between her and Human Torch.

And its only appropriate that its Namor that laughs the loudest at this revalation.

In the battle, Doom reveals that the Fantastic Four won’t be able to lift a finger against Doom thanks to the stuff he added to their food and drinks. Fantastic Four # 33 ends with Doom ordering the Doombots to kill his guest; everybody including the non-powered ones.

During an aerial chase between a Doombot, Zola and the Human Torch, Zora saves Johnny’s life which was seen by a disappointed Doctor Doom to which he shoots a blast on the fiery member of the Fantastic Four.

Meanwhile in another part of the battlefield, Suzie and the other powered heroes continue to stop the Doombots from killing any witness.

Back with the Human Torch, Doom’s totally not happy with the affection and care that he sees from Zora aka Victorious so he activates his latest weapon, the Armagedro.

It then proceeds to shoot at Human Torch and Victorious…

The Thing then destroys the mech. Black Panther tries to control the energy emitting from the core and when Victorious tries to sacrifice herself, Doom says he’ll dispatch the core.

Then we find out that the energy blast Johnny got from the Armagedron has changed him, stopping him from turning off his flame powers as it blows with radioactive energy.

Doom confronts Johnny and tells him that he is now truly a Human Torch and can never be able to touch the people that he loves.

He orders Zora never to show her face to him again…

… and when she does report to him at the end of Fantastic Four # 34, she’s wearing Doom’s face.


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