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Atlantean Avengers introduced in FCBD 2021 Avengers/Hulk # 1

In the Free Comic Book Day or FCBD 2021 Avengers/ Hulk # 1 issue, we find out about the Atlantean Avengers in the teaser for Jason Aaron’s upcoming story arc featuring the Multiversal Masters of Evil who are set to appear in Avengers # 750 or Avengers # 50 which was already teased for November 2021.

In this story, there’s a chronal emergency and the mysterious Avenger Prime sends his army of Deathloks to different timelines and different realities to respond to the threat. One such reality is Earth-10222 where Atlantis never sank and humans and Atlanteans were eventually bonded together and created society together including the creation of the Atlantean Avengers.

So what happened to them? Apparently for the sake of how short the pages are for this story, they were murdered by mysterious enemies and they were not even able to put up a decent fight. Their world was also razed and we never get to see these guys, even Atlantean female Doctor Strange.

When Deathlok appears in this world, he gets attacked by a Wolverine…

He tries looking for the Avengers and the system says there are no Avengers in the area; then corrects himself when a Ghost Rider skull is thrown in front of Deathlok.

Then the Multiversal Masters of Evil appear in front of this nameless Deathlok, watching him as he burned and died.

Can’t wait to see this story unfold in Jason Aaron’s Avengers book. Meanwhile, follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more geek news and updates!

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