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Avengers # 750 introduces Doctor Doom’s Multiversal Masters of Evil

Marvel has already hyped up the upcoming Avengers # 750 by giving us a look at the Multiversal Masters of Evil led by Doctor Doom himself. The book will be written by Jason Aaron with a bunch of artists who worked with the Avengers books like Ed McGuiness and more.

And it looks like some of these characters are leftovers from the recently concluded Heroes Reborn story from a few months ago. These guys are a clear reference to the classic Masters of Evil group who fought the Avengers several times including that time they beat up Hercules and Jarvis when they took over Avengers Mansion.

Aaron will be writing the main story for Avengers # 750 with artists like Javier Garron, Carlos Pacheco, Aaron Kuder and Ed McGuiness. There’s also a regular cover by McGuiness who has been working with the book as early as issue 1 with Aaron.

There’s also a fine Steve McNiven variant cover for issue 50 aka the 750th issue of the Avengers.

McNiven will also be joining the celebration in this special issue by teaming up with Christopher Ruocchio (The Sun-Eater) for a special story focusing on Thor.

Meanwhile, Aaron had this to say about the landmark issue…

It’s such an honor to be a part of issue #750 of AVENGERS, and I’m looking to celebrate the rich history of the title and its iconic characters by using this issue as the gargantuan-sized kick-off for a story that’ll be as wildly sweeping and swing-for-the-fences epic as it can possibly be,” Aaron said. “It’s not just that everything I’ve been doing in the last 50 issues of AVENGERS has been leading to this, but there are threads feeding into the next year’s worth of stories that stretch back to most every major series I’ve ever written in my 15 years at Marvel Comics.

Avengers # 50 / # 750 is slated to hit stores November 17. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more Geek news and updates.

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