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Sci-fi Grand Space Simulation Game INFINITE LAGRANGE Now Available in Asia!

Fancy for an intense and exciting travel through time and space? Produced by NetEase Games, the sci-fi grand space simulation game INFINITE LAGRANGE is now available from August 18th in Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, etc. The realistic vast expanse of universe, the collision of elements, the romantic and magnificent original plots… all await you at INFINITE LAGRANGE. The iconic scenes rarely even seen in movies will be there in the game to offer players a super immersive space strategy game experience!

The Ultimate Romance in Your Realistic Travel to the Universe

In an ordinary experiment, spatial resonance was discovered accidentally. The stable spatial resonance points are called “Lagrange nodes”, which are the foundations to build stargates for fast access to other galaxies, thus forming a huge Milky way transportation network.

The new discovery has brought unprecedented prosperity and expansion, together with disputes and unrest. There is only very limited amount of Lagrange nodes and the battle over it eventually evolved into the war across the galaxy. The universe thus ended with decline of civilization, retrogression of technology, and destruction of traffic and communication infrastructure.

No one could be excluded as the history proceeds. The post-war renaissance came as promised, with new forces stepping onto stage. Players will act as leader of one force to explore the uncharted universe, wandering around among the mysterious universe, aiming to “rebuild the stargate”.

To Be the Creator of Interstellar History and Rebuild the Stargate through Season Cycles.

“Cycles”-whether it’s the earth that we live on, or the distant universe, are experiencing the cycles. INFINITE LAGRANGE applies the mechanic of game seasons. In every new season, with the stargate of LAGRANGE, players are able to start a new round of exploration and conquest and share a series of season goals with “rebuilding the stargate” as the ultimate one.

Every season completed by players helps to push history move forward and enables players to stand at a higher starting point. With the progress of the game, players will unlock different ending scenarios and find out rich stories in the universe. With this sophisticated plan, players can proceed the game at the same pace with the development of history, making them feel like a real creator in history. 

Dawn Celebration Awaits You with Multiple Rewards!

With the well-crafted game content debut, there is also Dawn Celebration for players! During the debut activities, players can receive multiple rewards through celebration battlepass. Giving right answers in questions about battleground can also help you to win rich rewards! In addition, players can also get rewards by liking screenshots of the interstellar scenery. More rich rewards are waiting for you to find out!

The journey to the vast universe is now officially debut today (Aug 18th). Go and download INFINITE LAGRANGE from our website, unlock the stargate and make your space dream come true!


Sci-fi grand space simulation game INFINITE LAGRANGE is produced by NetEase Games. Players can explore new galaxies and experience cinematic interstellar battlefield with the thrill of large-scale battle across hundreds of astronomical units; Players can also feel immersed in the Milky way, which is full of history and stories and countless human histories, relics, ideas waiting to be explored.


Download: https://infinitelagrange.onelink.me/OrOv/476344a3

Official Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/infinite.lagrange/

Official Youtubehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk44WwLlh2zJeY3SWwURx0A

Official Websitehttps://www.infinitelagrange.com/

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