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Viral sensation Madam Inutz retracts contact with Star Image

In case you missed it, there’s a new viral sensation on Facebook named Madam Inutz whose main schtick is do live selling in a humorous fashion with her catchphrase “inutil”. And the biggest news is her backing out on her contract with Star Image management who also handles a controversial vlogger.

Her reach was awesome from a marketing standpoint easily reaching the million mark and all she was really doing was being funny while trying to sell her clothes.

Madam Inutz, also managed to snag a nice manager in the form of Star Image Management, the same firm that mamages the careers of Xander Ford among a few other notables.This did not sit well with fans who pointed out why the talent agency signing was a bad move.

Today, the viral star went live on Facebook to announce that she has backed out of the contract and apologized to her fans and followers. She remarked that signing was a decision she did not think deeply on. And her backing out was thanks to her friends, family and followers who were concerned for her.

Here are some if the funny and amusing reaction on Twitter by Netizens.

Even Madam Kilay, another popular YouTube stated that she could have gone solo rather than signing.

And here’s better quote on what she said earlier on her Facebook live session..

Holy shit they have a contract that doesn’t have an expiration?!??

I like the term sober hahaha

What do you guys think about her and her massive popularity these days? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo.

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