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Darkseid gets the Infinity Gauntlet

Remember the time Darkseid gets the Infinity Gauntlet? That was a cool scene.

So this happened in the pages of JLA/Avengers # 2 by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

Prior to this moment, both the Avengers and the Justice League were tasked to collect various items of power from the Marvel and the DC universe. These items have been transported to different places in the different locales.

The Avengers who travel to Apokolips include Thor, Quicksilver and Hawkeye. Meanwhile the JLA members who also try to retrieve the gauntlet include The Flash, Steel and Firestorm.

All the heroes who are sent to retrieve the gauntlet gets surprised when they see Darkseid already wearing the gauntlet and trying to test it out. Desaad however points out that it does not work in their reality to which Darkseid removes the gauntlet and throws it back to the heroes.

In a mad rush, Quicksilver tries to get the gauntlet but gets outpaced by Barry Allen aka The Flash. Barry is fast enough to get their target before the Omega Beams/ Omega Sanction hits them.

And while we never get to see a big battle between the two of them, its definitely a nice tease of what could have been. Here’s to hoping that the upcoming Secret War crossover they mentioned in Doomsday Clock comes to fruition.

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