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Tenya Lokal aims to support local fishermen and farmers with Farm-to-Table Menu!

One of my favorite restos for Japanese dishes, Tenya, has recently started a new campaign called Tenya Lokal which aims to support local fishermen and farmers via what they call “farm-to-table” menu! And its one of those nice gestures wherein everybody benefits one way or another especially the fisherfolk and farmers who have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic!

tenya lokal meal

These “farm to table” menu are categorized into three groups namely:

  • Donburi treats
  • Noodles and Maki sets
  • Bento Boxes

And here’s a rundown of the different choices you have for each group.

Bento Box

  • Seafood Tempura Bento – P235
  • Buta Yakiniku Bento – P195
  • Sukiyaki Bento – P245
  • Chicken Teriyako Bento – 225

Doburi Treats 

  • Chicken Karaage Don – P165
  • Buta Karaage Don – P165
  • Ebi Ten Don – P165
  • Ebi Toji Don – P165
  • Gyudon – P165
  • White Fish Fry Don – P165
  • Buta Misa Don – P165

Noodles and Maki Sets

  • Ramen Komori with Maki – P245

If you’re unfamiliar with Tenya, they are one of the top tier Japanese restos in Metro Manila and beyond. And I absolutely adore their Tempura Tendon, which is also one of their best-selling products since they opened in the Philippines! The thing with them is that they were originally one of those really expensive restos but they managed to shift to something that most, if not all, consumers can afford. And their tiger prawn stuff is just pure bliss. Ramen’s really good too!

The prices are also great for the millennial crowd and the casuals who just want to get their money’s worth when it comes to dinning out. Plus, take it from you, you’ll never go wrong with the quality of the ingredients and materials they use for their dishes. I hear they even fly in some of the more important raw materials from Japan so just spells Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y!

The Tenya Lokal and all other Tenya dishes from their menu is now available via Grab, Foodpanda and other food delivery services. You can also order by visiting www.tenya.com.ph!

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