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Abigail Brand makes good on her words from Empyre in this week’s SWORD # 7

Former Alpha Flight head Abigail Brand is the star of the X-Men book SWORD and in SWORD # 7, we get to revisit a moment from the end of the event book Empyre where she also quit her job as head of Alpha Flight. SWORD # 7 spoilers ahead.

In Empyre Avengers Aftermath, she caused a scene when she confronted Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel about her negligence in sharing Intel about the Kree and the Skrulls as well as the Cotati.

Abigail Brand quits Alpha Flight

She later surfaces with Magneto’s project the SWORD orbital station in space that serves the mutant nation of Krakoa. In the end of the Avengers’ Empyre issue, we get a flash forward with Brand rescuing emperor Hulkling from an unknown attack with her new team.

Empyre Avengers aftermath


Brand rescues Hulkling

SWORD # 7 by Al Ewing and Stefano Castelli reveals Brand and her colorful cast of mutants went to Throne world II to rescue Hulkling from invading forces of Mindless Ones sent by Dormammu.

And in the nick of time too with Hulkling’s sword getting damaged he’s a sitting duck.

Swear the SWORD book is underrated. You guys need to pick this title up ASAP.

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