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My Hero Academia chapter 321

Looks like Tenya Iida will be the one who will be trying to take back Izuku Midoriya aka Deku from his downward spiral in the upcoming My Hero Academia chapter 321.

According to spoilers posted on social media, Deku continues to run away and escape his classmates even after that heart-rending comment from Froppy that they are all willing to be with Deku as he faces All for One.

The spoilers continue by saying that Deku escapes Shoto Todoroki’s ice prison and the class once again try to capture him with Mineta even using a new move to stick Midoriya in one place.

Deku tries to ascend further up with Bakugo using his quirk to launch Ignition aka Tenya Iida further up to catch up to Deku.

The moment that fans are talking about right now is a scene with Tenya grabbing Deku’s hand and tearfully saying he’s not letting it go, solidifying the idea that the entire class is willing to go to war for Deku as they truly believe in him.

For now we can only do this segment but I’ll get more panels poster as soon as the official translation for My Hero Academia chapter 321 gets available.

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