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My Hero Academia chapter 320 – Deku vs Class 1A

My Hero Academia chapter 320 officially shows the fight between Deku vs Class 1A with a nice cover too featuring Froppy aka Tsuyu Asui.

We got a big tease for this fight at the end of chapter 319 with Bakugo, Uraraka and Tenya all getting ready to confront Deku and bring him back to UA after ditching class and trying to wrangle up all the escaped villains who got free when All for One escaped.

my hero academia chapter 319 bakugo tenya and uraraka

And now we see the fight happen.

Deku uses the sixth’s  Smokescreen technique to try for a quick escape but that fails.

When Deku tries to escape using those black whips he learned earlier on, he finds Sero waiting to intercept and stop him from getting away.

This part of the chapter is where the different members of class 1A start reminding Midoriya about the influence he holds in their lives ever since they came together as a class.

We even get references to previous story arcs where Midoriya showed his compassion and care for his classmates which they did not forget in the case of Ojiro.

Ojiro slams Deku to a nearby building where Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati) waits to trap him in a restraining device that she created. Deku breaks free but Mezo Shoji (Tentacole) joins and binds him with wraps created also by Creati. Then they seal him off with the help of Fumikage Tokoyami (Tsukoyomi).

Tokoyami even reminds Midoriya that the defensive capabilities of dark shadow wouldn’t even be there if not for Deku’s suggestion in the past.

Deku proves that he’s still stronger than everybody from his class until he gets trapped by an ice construct by Shoto Todoroki.

My Hero Academia chapter 320 ends with frog her Tsuyu Asui aka Froppy jumps near Deku and tells him something from her heart.

The entire class wants to help Deku and realize the importance of the power he currently wields in restoring the world. And because Deku matters to them, if he wants to be some sort of “comic book superhero” then class 1A is willing to join him in living that fantasy!


Reading the current chapter for the first time brought some feels. The way each classmate tried to dissuade Deku from leaving them and going down his planned dark path (which also got him in trouble already) was touching. You’ll see that those small things that Deku did in passing or as a suggestion really mattered to his friends. Yeah sure, this is a power of friendship chapter but its still pretty good and taps into the bond these characters made over the course of 300 plus chapters.

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