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My Hero Academia chapter 318 spoilers

This week’s chapter of MHA, My Hero Academia chapter 318, shows us more of Deku’s reckless behavior, a new villain and Midoriya finally having a chance meeting with some of his classmates.

Deku continues to round up all the villains on his own while getting updates from Endeavor as to when the foreign superheroes would be arriving to help their Japanese counterparts with the crisis at hand.

Deku arresting villains MHA chapter 318

At a later time, Midoriya then encounters another villain named Dictator whose quirk is controlling people and turning them into his puppets.

The Dictator then uses a crowd to attack Deku and at the same time hide and protect himself. With civilians attacking, Deku can’t do anything and he gets dog piled by the hapless people used by the villain.

The issue ends with Katsuki Bakugo suddenly makes a save and knocks out Dictator from above…

And we also find out that Deku’s classmates of class 1A have been actively looking for him when he went AWOL.

It looks like Deku’s walk down the dark path would be cut short by his classmates and his return to UA after a short leave of absence.

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