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My Hero Academia chapter 319 sets up Deku versus Class 1A

The latest chapter of Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia manga, My Hero Academia chapter 319 is setting up a big fight between Izuku Midoriya aka Deku and his classmates at UA High aka Class 1A.

MHA chapter 318 ended with Bakugo aka Dynamight saving Deku from being beaten up by civilians controlled by the villain Dictator whose quirk allows him to control people against their will to do his bidding. In chapter 319, the entire class 1A go out to the field in search of their classmate who has gone rogue in order to contain the villains that have been broken out of the Tartarus prison during All for One’s escape.

The trouble here is that Deku is starting to show signs of breaking away from his mentors and handlers namely All Might, Endeavor and Hawks who initially worked with him to take down villain activity in Japan. Which led him to his fight with Dictator.

My Hero Academia chapter 319 also gives readers a flashback on how class 1A managed to find Deku which was through Endeavor’s phone/communicator.

When Deku says he wants to continue this way he’s very determined too, almost willing to hurt his friends.

my hero academia chapter 319

And when faced with Deku the class led by Bakugo, Tenya aka Ignition and Ochako Uraraka aka Uravity, they all show determination in bringing him back to school and stopping him from going down this dark path that has been consuming him since he woke up from his coma.

my hero academia chapter 319 bakugo tenya and uraraka


This chapter ends with the class getting ready to fight with Bakugo even looking hyped to go against his childhood friend and rival and even Tenya Iida is already thinking this won’t be an easy fight at all.

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