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The X-Men has a new base in New York – X-Men # 1 Spoilers

The X-Men are back and have surprised humans again by returning to New York and building a new base of operations in the city which they did overnight. Check out more details about their new base in this X-Men # 1 spoilers post by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz.


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A few pages in the new book, readers find out that the X-Men have returned to NYC after some time away, particularly when the mutants built their own nation of Krakoa. They left everything including the old Xavier School but after the new X-Men team was introduced during the Hellire Gala, the mutants are back in their superhero duties.

Even cooler is the fact that their new base isn’t a man-made structure like other superhero bases such as the Avengers mansion / Avengers Tower or the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building. They fashioned a huge treehouse.

They buit a treehouse in New York powered by Krakoa and Forge’s tech and have even made off a bonsai tree which was speedgrown by Eva Bell aka Tempus. And they called in Seneca Green based on the black community in New York called Seneca Vilage.

Then readers are introduced to different parts of the base through the classic trope of a new visitor popping in or a new character dropping in to relocate. In this case its Polaris officially moving in and Cyclops giving Magneto’s daughter the tour o the place.

And I forgot to mention in this X-Men # 1 spoilers post that despite Jonathan Hickman absent from the book and Gerry Duggan taking over, you can see the X-Architect’s handiwork throughout the book. Like we have these pages detailing in text format how Seneca Green was made and another page with Ben Urich’s article about the X-Men’s new base of operations. Good stuff.

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