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The new X-Men team introduced at the Hellfire Gala (X-Men # 21)

Here’s a look at the epic moment when the new X-Men team were introduced at the Hellfire Gala at the pages of X-Men # 21

Spoilers before we proceed!

spoiler alert photo

In this issue, Cyclops and Jean Grey calls the guests attention as they are about to make the announcement of the new team. Remember in X-Men # 16, Scott and Jean have been clear that they needed an official X-Men team even if they have most of the world’s mutants living in Krakoa. Then Marvel did a real world election for potential candidates, announced the roster together with the announcement of a new ongoing X-Men title by Gerry Duggan and then we are now here in the Hellfire Gala arc.

And while we are already done with the casting of votes, its ony at this point that they are doing theirs and it doesn’t even take a week for them to cast their votes as Jean Grey connects her minds to all the mutants to get their vote.  Jean and Scott then announce the winners for the X-Men election as you’ll see in the page below.

I love how Wolverine / X-23 was eating with her claws when they made the announcement catching her off guard while Cannonball and Sunspot of the New Mutants smile behind her. There’s also the members of Generation X congratulating Synch who made it to list while M looks on in disdain, partly because she was also one of the potential candidates in the X-Men elections. Also I want to raise the fact that Synch deserved this spot in the team due to him surviving his recent mission together with Darwin and Laura Kinney where they spent centuries with the Children of the Vault.

And then there’s Polaris who was smiling with her win, minus her father Magneto.

The new members of the X-Men goes front and center and we get this gorgeous splash page featuring the team.

So there you go, the moment the new X-Men team introduced at the Hellfire Gala! Now I’m definitely hyped to read issue 1 of the new X-Men book.


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