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Record of Ragnarok Aphrodite Memes collection

Here’s a collection of Record of Ragnarok Aphrodite memes done by various artists from across the Internet done by artists and fans alike including stuff from Naruto and even Love Live!

aphrodite from record of ragnarok

First check out the basis for the Record of Ragnarok Aphrodite meme featuring the goddess of love as seen in the manga and anime now streaming on Netflix, which you can see above. Also we try (desperately) to make this PG as the source material’s rather risque and borderline NSFW.

Here’s one featuring Wendy’s, Colonel Sanders and McDonalds.

And here’s another one featuring Alexandra Trese and the Kambal from the Trese series also on Netflix.

Som artists also did one featuring Team 7 from the Naruto franchise…

Even the girls from Love Live also gets to parody the goddess of love from Record of Ragnarok.

Also here’s one featuring Venti, Dilluc and Kaeya from the game Genshin Impact.

Record of Ragnarok is a manga series written by by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and illustrated by Ajichika. And if you’re not familiar with the story, its basically a contest that determines the fate of mankind in a series of fights between representatives of man versus 12 gods from different pantheons. The anime series dropped this month on Netflix and ended its first season just after the fight between Kojiro Sasaki and Poseidon as well as the introduction of the next fight which was Jack the Ripper and Hercules. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more anime news and updates!

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